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Canfield Lacrosse was established as a club in 2013, offering lacrosse to varsity boys only.  However, with lacrosse becoming the fastest growing sport in the United States and a large student interest base in Canfield, Ohio, the organization grew to offer competitive teams for boys and girls at both middle school and varsity levels.

In June of 2016, the Canfield School Board recognized the lacrosse community and sanctioned the sport for the Spring of 2017 for both varsity boys and girls.  This sanctioning came at a fantastic time, for the Ohio High School Athletic Association has recognized lacrosse as an emerging sport and Canfield had the foresight to be proactive.  Canfield is the first public school to recognized lacrosse in the Mahoning Valley.

Although this is great for the high school students, it is also fantastic for the feeder program.  The club will continue to offer competitive play for students in fourth to eighth grade.  Most of these students are Canfield residence; however, the youth program is open to all families in the Mahoning Valley area.

This website is in its infancy, but we intend to update everyone about the upcoming Spring season.  We hope to have you aboard!

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